Stud properties

  • The Quamby Plains Stud is committed to total performance. We have been performance recording for 39 years. This form of objective measurement has enhanced predictability and accuracy in the Estimated Breeding Values of our bulls and thus helping to meet market specifications and the breeding objectives of our clients.
  • Fertility is still the number one priority in the breeding program.
  • Quamby Plains places very high importance on carcase data. It is firmly believed that the commercial cattleman running high growth cattle with excellent eye muscle area and IMF and a higher than average yield, will generate a premium in all markets for MSA graded cattle.
  • Quamby Plains runs a commercial herd of Poll Hereford cattle. This enables the stud to keep abreast of the commercial cattle industry and the changing market specifications.

Breeding objective

  • Quamby Plains aims to consistently breed cattle that return the highest return per hectare under commercial conditions.The stud strives for excellent structural soundness.

Commercial quality

  • All the stud bulls are run in a large contemporary group on grass from the time of weaning to the day of the sale.
  • The catalogue bulls are selected from 200 performance tested females. Such a large number from which to choose a good selection of sale bulls allows for a better selection process and more objective screening to complete the final list of top quality bulls.